Tuition fee at CDBT is highly subsidized. Following is the fee structure payable by students.


Admission fee                                           Rs.10,000

Deposit (Refundable)                                Rs.10,000

Development                                            Rs.5000

Miscellaneous                                           Rs.5000

Tuition fee (Rs. 35000 x 4 semesters)        Rs.1,40,000

T.U. fee and others (per semester):            Rs.7000

Note: Other fees may apply as decided by the University Campus, Kirtipur.

krishnadasmanandhar.jpgThe shape of country is defined by the higher educations and the research activities adapted by it for the production of potential human resources which may abruptly bring new approaches for nation. While we talk about science and technology in the prospective of Nepal, it has yet to follow the world trend.

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  • Tribhuvan University (TU) is the premier university in Nepal, which provides courses in diverse disciplines at various levels.

    Shannon D. Edwards
  • Considering the need of the time the courses of biotechnology has been started at master's level under the Institute of Science and Technology of TU.

    Ram Krishna Aryal
  • The course is designed to produce high level knowledgeable and skilled manpower capable of carrying out independent advanced research in biotechnology.

    Dayaram Pandey